S/S 2019 Affordable Wishlist

Get All Trending Sunglasses Under $30


If you want to be on trend this Summer, but you do not want to spend big bucks on accessories, SOJOS is your perfect choice. Most of SOJOS sunglasses are under $30. They are in good quality, stylish and affordable.

#1.Classic Aviator style

Aviator shape sunglasses are one of the most easiest style to find, this shape can go with almost every dressing and fit well for many face shape. But, SOJOS aviator sunglasses share lots of design elements.

This frame-less aviator sunglasses with the rivets adornment at the lenses is definitely an item to keep an eye out for. This model is a perfect addition to your Summer casual outfit,especially jackets.

Model Name: SOJOS Trendalert

Of course, there are other aviator style shades in SOJOS website, you will find your perfect match.

#2. Shield Sunglasses

When you heard of the shield sunglasses, what springs to your mind? Exaggeration? Too big?

But this Summer, this type of sunglasses become very popular on many runways. And you can wear this SOJOS shield sunglasses in your daily life.



Model Name: SOJOS Bluesky

Shield sunglasses can cover a lot of face and provide you the most protection.They are made of one large piece of protective, see-through material that covers both eyes and the bridge of the nose. SOJOS Bluesky stood out thanks to the design of the hollow-out frame.Wearing this can make an easy girl boss look.

#3.Heart Shape Sunglasses

The heart shape sunglasses are definitely one of your festival collections. When you go to Disney, or for Spring picnic, SOJOS heart shades is your must-have item.


Model Number: SOJOS SJ2062

SOJOS heart sunglasses is versatile.It can be styled in so many different ways .It can team with many outfits, like the vintage one-piece dressing, even with a simple white tee. Trust me, the heart shape sunglasses can make you a day and this style is good for all year round.


#4.Cat Eye

Speaking of Cat Eye shape sunglasses, you may think about the retro charm look. But SOJOS  reinterprets the definition of the cat eye sunglasses. It is not just vintage or bold, it is cute and modern.


Model Name: SOJOS Cutie

Actually it is also like a round sunglasses, the two-toned ornament at the top of the lenses are the innovative and fun points. SOJOS Cutie combines great styling with exceptional quality, performance, and comfort. The unique color combinations accomplished exactly what they were described.