Right Shapewear

Choosing The Right Shapewear

Getting into sexier shape has never been easier with the correct shapewear. Celebrities can attest to its effective and appeal so why not get in on the fun? Read below to help you on how to go about Choosing the Right Shapewear for Your Trouble Spots.

Where are My Trouble Spots?

Women come in all shape and sizes but luckily, most would fall into some general body shape categories and identifying these can help you find your problem areas.

Round Figured (Apple)

Description: Fuller Bust and Midsection, with slim hips and shoulders.

Challenge: Shaping the Waistline

Straight Figured (Rectangle)

Description: Shoulder, waist, bust and hips have similar sizes

Challenge: Adding Curves


Description: Waistline is smaller compared to both hips and bust

Challenge: Curve Control

Curvy Bottom (Pear)

Description: Hips are wider than upper half of body

Challenge: Enhancing Bust / Managing Hips

Shapely Top (Inverted Triangle)

Description: Upper half of body is larger than hips

Challenge: Shaping the Waistline / Softening the shoulders

Choosing your Shapewear Options

There are a number of options that can address the challenges of your body type – again, these also fall into some general categories that can help you narrow your choices to specifics.

  • Bust Shapers. This include options like longline bras, torsolettes and bustiers with built-in cups for sturdier support. Open bust-shapers are useful for daily use and can help boost your bra.
  • Shaping Panties. Shaping Panties flatten the belly, love handles and muffin top all in one-go. Low and high waist are available options as well enhancements for the rear and hips.
  • Thigh Shapers. A step beyond shaping panties, these add slimming and smooth of the thigh along with the waist and hip control.
  • Butt Enhancement. Lifting and rounding out your derrière, these can also slim the waist for a curvier figure. Consider an Open-Bottom design to further enhance your curves.
  • Waist Minimizers. Body suits, shaping camis and popular waist trainers can promote a slimmer waist that’s beneficial to any body type. Achieve a flatter tummy and emphasize those curves!
  • All-over Shapers. Perfect for full coverage, body suits and slips are perfect for shaping all areas in one convenient shapewear.

After choosing your shapewear, determine the level of support you will need to get better results. These can range from light to maximum compression and can provide varying results for your needs. Hopefully, this has been helpful for you in finding the shapewear for you!