Features Of Testo Thermal Imagers

Thermal imager is the measuring instrument for every application. The visualization of temperatures using thermography makes your work easier as the following:

In building thermography – detect thermal bridges and structural defects.

In heating engineering – check underfloor heating / non-destructive detection of leaks.

In maintenance – check industrial electrical maintenance / mechanic systems.

Source from Testo SMI: Singapore Malaysia Indonesia.

Features of Testo thermal imagers

Testo measuring instruments have the best price-performance ratio in their class. Thanks to these features – they enable you to take the best possible advantage of infrared thermography for your purposes:

testo SuperResolution technology: Identifying more details. Making your thermal images a class above in next to no time.

testo IRSoft: Analysis software. Independent and really easy creation of professional thermographic reports.

testo FeverDetection. Identify persons with increased body temperature quickly and easily.

Humidity image: Mould prevention. See the risk of mould directly in the thermal image.

testo SiteRecognition: Efficient inspection routes. Particularly practical for preventive maintenance.

Process analysis package: Detect temperature developments. Full radiometric video measurement and sequence capturing directly in the thermal imager.

Panorama image assistant: Easier analysis of large objects. An overall view which is easy to examine created from a number of individual images of a large measurement object.

testo ScaleAssist: Prevents incorrect interpretations. Automatic scaling for comparable thermal images.

testo ε-Assist: Even more precise thermal images. Emissivity and reflected temperature are automatically set.

Buying a thermal imager is a sound investment. Want to find out more features and information about Testo thermal imager? Visit Testo SMI: Singapore Malaysia Indonesia.