3 Ways To Rekindle The Spark In Your Relationship This Valentine’s Day

Whether your busy work schedules just never seem to line up or you’ve started putting more time and effort into other things—like parenting—and less into maintaining your relationship, there are a lot of reasons why the fire in your long-term relationship might not be burning as brightly anymore as it once did. You might not even realize the spark you’re missing is gone until the upcoming holiday of sex, love, and romance reminds you that the flames in your marriage or long-term partnership just aren’t as high these days.

Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on couples to enjoy a sexy, romantic day together, which can feel less exciting and more stressful or even discouraging if your relationship has been slightly less electric as of late. It’s perfectly normal for the flames to die down in even the happiest, healthiest long-term relationships. However, that doesn’t mean you should settle for a sub-par sex life or an unbridged disconnect between you and your partner. Switch things up this February with these unbeatable techniques for rekindling the spark in your relationship this Valentine’s Day.

1. Step Up Your Lingerie Game

Sexy lingerie can be the magic ingredient that helps you and your partner reignite the fire in your relationship this Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to splurge on a brand new lingerie look—although V-Day is the perfect excuse to do just that if you’re getting bored with your current lingerie collection.

In fact, wearing lingerie styles that your partner bought for you or that you wore during an earlier period of your relationship—like on your honeymoon—can be even more romantic—and affordable—than new lingerie. If you want to put together an extra special lingerie look to celebrate the holiday of love, combine festive Valentine’s Day lingerie styles with the trusty styles you already have in your wardrobe at home.

2. Celebrate “Valentine’s Week”

Having just one day out of 365 every year that is supposed to be completely dedicated to cherishing your relationship with your partner and celebrating your love can be overwhelming. Valentine’s Day is advertised as the one day every year when you have the chance to show your partner how much you love them. All that pressure can take the fun out of the day entirely and prevent you and your partner from having any hope of using February 14th to rekindle the spark in your relationship.

Instead of piling all the pressure onto a single day, nix Valentine’s Day and celebrate Valentine’s Week with your partner this February instead. Valentine’s Week isn’t totally made up. It’s a real thing that many couples choose to celebrate every year in order to extend their V-Day festivities. Valentine’s Week begins on February 7th and ends on the 14th. All eight days in between the 7th and the 14th have a special theme—Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Kiss Day, etc.—that can help guide your celebrations, activities, and gifts throughout the week.

Celebrating Valentine’s Week not only gives you and your partner a chance to connect with each other all week long, it also takes some of the pressure off of V-Day itself and allows you to relax and enjoy yourselves instead of trying to jam-pack a single day with extra special memorable celebrations.

3. Rent a Hotel Room

There’s just something about a hotel room that makes it so much easier to reignite that missing spark in your relationship. In a hotel room, you have no distractions. There are no kids on the other side of the wall or menacing overdue paperwork piled up on the desk across the room.

The only thing you have to focus on is enjoying a night alone with your partner—in the company of a giant bed complete with a soft, fluffy comforter and clean sheets you never have to worry about washing. This V-Day, run away with your partner to a hotel room for a night—it can even be a hotel in your own city—and don’t forget to bring some sexy lingerie styles to add more fun and excitement to your mini getaway.